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Student rooms Rotterdam – Save time finding one here

student rooms rotterdam

Student rooms Rotterdam … tips & tricks

Student rooms Rotterdam. Searching for a room in Rotterdam can be quite a job. You have to take into account that it takes a while before you have found a nice room, cozy student house or cool apartment to share with friends. You have to keep a close eye on the range of rooms, respond quickly to available living spaces and, above all, tell everyone that you are looking! Need help? We give you some search tips that will make your search for a room or apartment in Rotterdam a little easier. Start searching for a room in Rotterdam on time This sounds very logical, of course, but most students only look for a room in Rotterdam in the summer before the start of the academic year. Tens of thousands of students live in rooms in Rotterdam and more students are added every year. So you have a lot of competition. So the cliché, but golden tip remains to start looking for student rooms Rotterdam on time! In particular, many landlords with new houses start acquiring new residents around May. The sooner you find your room, the better! Keep in mind that the chamber market is very busy in the summer months, because many first-year students then look for a room. How do you get in touch with the right room for you? A number of search tips for finding a room.

Find student rooms Rotterdam? Switch on your network.
You hear it everywhere: networking, networking …. Your circle of acquaintances is super important when finding a room. Tell everyone – also via social media – that you are looking for a room. Through friends, fellow students, acquaintances and family, you will often find the fastest room. Joining a student association also helps to increase your network. Many student associations also have student houses where only members can live who are members of that association. Take care of a Rotterdam house temporarily
Can’t find a suitable place to live on time? Then look at temporary rooms. We have already mentioned Shortstay or anti-squat living, but there are more options. Many students go on an internship for a few months or make a trip and temporarily rent out their room in Rotterdam. If you already live in the city, you are more likely to find a room via / through you because you are in the middle of Rotterdam’s life. Do you like living temporarily in one place? Fitting to temporary home addresses is also a great opportunity to see different types of homes inside and get to know the city quickly because you live in different locations in a short time!

We don’t have to tip you: Join relevant Facebook pages to find a room in Rotterdam.

“I am looking for a room in Rotterdam” on an old-fashioned notice board.
It does not seem entirely from now (or rather, oldschool is “in”), but: spread your chances and also put old-fashioned advertising on a notice board during your search process. You must have seen a note hanging in the supermarket, library or school in your area. These are small advertisements on a notice board with a call for finding a room. Don’t make the text too long. State: 1) that you are looking for a room in Rotterdam, 2) how much M2 you are looking for, 3) what you want to pay per month and 4) a rule about yourself that shows that you are reliable. There are always people who have a room left and who knows, you might find a super home this way.
Broaden your search to the entire Rotterdam region
Don’t be blinded to find a room in the center of Rotterdam. Yes, living in the center or another popular neighborhood is fun, but also extremely busy and especially expensive. Also, orient yourself to the range of rooms in places around Rotterdam, such as Schiedam. Of course you want your own apartment for € 300, – right around the corner from Witte de Withstraat, but that is looking for a pin in a haystack. As we wrote before, it is always easier to find a room if you already live in the city (or region). You are already part of Rotterdam (student) life and you will hear faster if a room becomes available somewhere.

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